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e text loan
Apply for a loan ranging
from 100 - 1000 in UK
Text Loans up to 1000 in UK
till Payday.
UK Payday Loan APR Representative Example:
Representative example :

Borrow 200 borrowed for 30 days. Total amount repayable is 248. Interest charged is 48, interest rate 292% (variable). Representative APR 1270% (Variable)

Note : The APR you pay may be different, depends on the lender that accepts you.

Frequently Asked Questions

 About short term loan
Why should I opt for text loan with etextloan.co.uk

Text loans for short term are designed and developed to help you from unexpected monetary problems which demand an immediate solution. If you are shot of cash and need money for some household expenses then these loans are the best for you. We are always here to help you out with such kind of problems with providing immediate decisions on loan.

How does this short term loan work?

These loans are easily available and subject to quick monetary transfer at the time of need, the process of getting these cash aid is as follows:

  • Kindly fill out the application form with accurate details at www.etextloan.co.uk
  • Agree the agreement of credit and complete the verification process
  • Get the decision and cash in your bank after approval within minutes To know more about this you can visit our hot it works section.
What is the minimum age limit to apply for credit?

The minimum age limit to apply for credit is 18 plus, in any case you must be a major before opting this credit facility via us. You can check out our Terms and conditions for more detailed knowledge about our lending procedure. So please apply only when you are over 18 otherwise it is waste of time.

Can I get loan if I have recently switch over to new job?

That is tricky but in most cases people gets approval for credit, anyhow first of all we will review you credit history and your eligibility and after that only tell you further details. You can simply contact us and ask any kind of queries or question you have in your mind.

Is bad credit history is any issue to get a loan?

Not in all case the bad credit people get rejection, only people who are bank corrupt or have frequent visits from debt collector over a year will get rejection on their plea. For all others their application will be reviews and further decision will be given after thorough credit check via credit agencies.

Is PIN number very important in getting a credit?

Yes the PIN number plays a major role in getting the credit, if you didn't get it you won't get credit. If you haven't got the PIN you can contact us or contact the lender ASAP.

Is there any charges of text message I receive?

Yes there are charges and that depends on your network rate that applies to you.

Is internet is necessary while applying?

Yes whether you apply via computer or phone you need a net connection to complete the process of applying.

Up to how much cash can I borrow?

You can borrow between £100 - £1000 for 7, 14 or one month, 7 days is only for a £100 loan and as according.

How could I know that my application is approved?

You will get a text message or e-mail for that, through that you will know your application is approved or rejected, as is the case.

After approval in how much time money is transferred into my bank?

After approval it will take only hours one or two and your approved amount is wired into your bank account you mentioned and for that a text message is sent to you on immediate basis to notify you about the same. The lenders do fast transfer of cash but in what time you get that depends on your bank's policy.

Can I get a new credit if I have already repaid my previous?

Sure if you have successfully repaid your previous loan amount on time and that is updated in our system then you can simply apply for another credit in a minute without any hassle.

Can I get loan amount on bank or public holidays?

No that is not possible, but you can apply for that on holidays and your application will proceed only on next working day and so.

How can I repay the cash loan amount?

That is a important question, and to settle that you need a debit card and the amount is deducted directly i.e. auto debit from your bank account on the due date, so please keep the sufficient amount in your bank to avoid penalties and other charges.

Who can apply with etextloan.co.uk for a loan?

Any UK citizen with UK domicile with over the age of 18, must hold a bank debit card, a contact number that is mobile and a running email account. But most importantly if you have ability to repay the amount then only apply for a loan.

What about early repayment, can I do that?

Of coarse you can do that and you won't have to pay penalty for that. For that you can contact lender and do the needful.

Is my credit rating will improve if I pay loan on time?

Yes your credit rating will be improve if you make repayment on the time, that will really help you in getting credit in future and makes a smooth way for you.

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